Friday, October 15, 2010

October Edition Just Released!

We hope you checked your email bright and early and received your October Edition of Papers and Pixels safe and sound.  There's a lot of good articles, interviews, and gifts in this edition; and we hope you enjoy it!


  1. oh i just loved this edition! it's full of awesome things and super talented people. i recognized a few names. i have known crystal irwin since i started blogging 2 yrs ago and have watched her grow. not only is her work totally fabulous but so is her heart! she's truly a joy to everythone.

    i can't wait for your next edition!

  2. Thanks, Stef - glad you enjoyed this month's edition, and we agree... Crystal's work is fabulous!

    Chris, Editor
    Papers and Pixels

  3. Fabulous edition ladies; even better than the firt one! Huge content with plenty of variety and articles to keep us all interested and informed. Congratulations!

  4. OH WOW-! What a wonderful kit, how MUCH inspiration---just a brilliant E-Zine this October edition! It's fascinating and beautiful! Thank you for the nice article about me, too--I'm flattered and honored.

    OH BOY! Love love love the Smile Box on the blog---that's just the cutest. AND I love that particular piece of music--seated my guests to it at my 50th Wedding Anniversary Chapel Service! Just a LOVEly Day! Thank you!

  5. Holy smokes! I just discovered your mag via Sandi M.'s blog and I am so excited about it!! I love he Oct. issue, subscribed (yay!!), and I am going to go back and check out the Sept. issue next. Wonderful artists and ideas, this is amazing!! Keep up the awesome work ladies!! Can't wait to see more!